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Bulgaria: For Kiril Petkov the Explosion Next to the Chief Prosecutor’s Car Was Staged

The co-chairman of “We Continue the Change” Kiril Petkov told “Darik Radio” that for him there are two hypotheses about the explosion of a bomb next to the car of the chief prosecutor Ivan Geshev. One is intimidation and the other is staging. The former prime minister specified that from his point of view, the case was staged.

Petkov added that he initially thought the goal was intimidation because he was under the impression that Geshev‘s family was with him in the car. Such information was presented by the deputy chief prosecutor and head of the investigation Borislav Sarafov in his first briefing after the incident. Yesterday, however, acting interior minister Ivan Demerdzhiev announced that the family of the chief prosecutor was not with him. This also led to a reaction from Sarafov, who in a statement to the media reported that he had been misled by Geshev‘s words.

When I first heard that the family was inside the car, I thought it couldn’t be staged. I thought maybe they wanted to scare him. However, yesterday, after it was announced that the family was not inside, a doubt appeared in my head,” said Petkov.

According to him, it is strange that an hour after the accident there was an Israeli expert on the spot, who was praised by the prosecutor‘s office. Demerdzhiev specified yesterday that he (the expert) had landed in Sofia shortly before the bomb exploded.

I understand that there are very good experts on counter-terrorism, but I don’t believe there is an expert as good as that who would predict that there would be an explosion, buy a ticket a day in advance, land an hour and a half before the explosion and be in place after that,” added Petkov.

Will there be a government?

He called on GERB to do everything possible to form a cabinet with the first mandate, but also stressed that “We Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria” will not make concessions from the composition of the government, whose composition was announced this week. The leader of GERB, Boyko Borissov, categorically rejected the possibility of his party supporting the draft cabinet and started meetings with the leaders of the other parliamentary parties for support.

They can seek support from DPS, but they will ask for something heavy from Borissov. We all know about their interests in energy. GERB can also ask for help from Kornelia Ninova, who will tell them that she does not want a single bullet to go to Ukraine. There will probably be requirements in agriculture as well,” said Petkov.

He specified that “We Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria” (WCC-DB) are ready to listen to all recommendations of GERB for the management program, as long as they are in the interest of society. According to him, this is Boyko Borissov’s chance to go down in history by giving up his political ego and letting the country move forward.

Source : Novitite.com