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Turkish Expatriates in Western Balkans Cast Their Votes in Upcoming Elections

Turkish overseas voters in the Western Balkans began casting their ballots on Saturday for the parliamentary and presidential elections in Türkiye. Voting started at 9.00 a.m. local time (0700GMT) and will continue for 12 hours, reopening on Sunday for the same period. Long lines of voters were formed in front of the Turkish embassies in the region.

Ahmet Burak Dogan, who cast his ballot in Serbia’s capital Belgrade, emphasized the importance of fulfilling civic duty and recommended everyone to do the same. Similarly, Ufuk Erarslan, who traveled more than 100 kilometers to cast his vote, said that he participated in the elections for a better future for his country. He added that the right to criticize everything will be earned by using their vote. Ayse Gonul also expressed her eagerness to vote as early as possible and wished good luck for Türkiye, saying that everyone should cast their votes.

According to data by Türkiye’s Supreme Election Council, nearly 2,311 eligible Turkish voters are in Serbia. Expatriates can cast their votes in the capital Belgrade and in the Consulate General of Novi Pazar. The voting process has also started in Kosovo’s capital Pristina. Ambassador Sabri Tunc Angili expressed his expectation of great interest in the elections from Turkish voters.

The participation of Turkish expatriates in the upcoming elections highlights the importance of the diaspora in the country’s political process. It also shows the efforts of the Turkish government to ensure the rights of its citizens living abroad. However, there have been concerns about the fairness of the elections due to the limited opposition presence and restrictions on media freedom in Türkiye. Regardless, the expatriates in the Western Balkans have shown their enthusiasm and commitment to their civic duty by casting their votes.

Source : MENAFN