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“The Situation Regarding Kosovo is Getting Complicated; Serbia Guards Its Stance”

“The situation is getting complicated, I’m very worried, just please, remove these fake mayors, and we are ready for a compromise. We need to talk, but I’m begging you for someone to take action. The formation of the CSM must be started,” Vučić said being hosted at Ćirilica show on TV Happy. 

As he added, we have moved to a lower level of combat readiness, but we still have forces that are always ready to react. 

“Ours is to keep the peace, that’s why it’s not easy for me to talk with Serbs from Kosovo either,” he said. 

Vučić added that he does not rule out the possibility of sanctions being imposed on Serbia, that is, of being punished. 

“I wouldn’t rule out that possibility. We will do our best not to be. There is a desire among three or four countries for that to happen. It seems to me that I don’t have to tell anyone which countries those are,” said Vučić. 

Vučić points out that the talks with Olaf Scholz and Emmanuel Macron in Chisinau were difficult, but he states that it is up to us to keep the peace. “Everyone is waiting for the U.S. elections, and it is much more important what will happen in July or August and whether Jim O’Brien will be elected as the US assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian affairs,” says Vučić. 

“All kinds of things are written about Jim O’Brien, but he knows how to hear and listen. He is a man who understands things extremely well and is very intelligent, just like Christopher Hill. You can think what you want about Christopher Hill, but he is very intelligent”, claims Vučić. 

“I’m very worried about Kosovo and Metohija. I’m sorry that some other people don’t understand how difficult the situation is. Tomorrow we’ll go with the first proposals for various measures. It’s terribly important for us how it will all look in the future”, Vucic said.

Source: B92