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Unprecedented: Regional Governors From All Over Bulgaria Are Leaving Their Posts

The Council of Ministers receives applications for the resignation of regional governorsand deputy regional governors from all over the country. The action is unprecedented and puts to the test the fulfillment of the legal obligations of the executive power.” This was announced by the press service of the Ministry of Justice on Monday.

The institution reminds that the regional governors must perform their functions while the Council of Ministers discusses their requests to leave their posts. And they will be considered in stages.

Until now, it is clear that the regional governors of Plovdiv, Pazardzhik, Dobrich, Vidin, Montana, Vratsa have wished to leave their posts.

Applications to leave will be considered in stages. The Council of Ministers will make a decision in relation to each of them in a timely manner, until then all regional governorsand deputy regional governors are obliged to perform their functions.

Regional governors have wide-ranging functions with which they protect the public interest. They have the commitment to coordinate regional development on behalf of the government, exercise control over the work of the territorial structures of the central government, monitor the legality of local government activities and others.

The regional governor of Montana Valery Dimitrov and Deputy Regional Governor Kiril Delev submitted their resignations to the government today

They presented their decision to the regional administration at 9:30 a.m. today, the regional administration announced.

For BTA, Valeri Dimitrov stated that the reasons for his resignation were personal.

Honor and respect for everyone, no one has insulted me or forced me to leave, the reasons for my decision are entirely personal,” announced Dimitrov. The deputy regional governor Kiril Delev is also leaving for personal reasons.

Valeri Dimitrov is the regional governor of Montana for the second time. He was in office under the last and the previous caretaker government.

The district governor of Haskovo district, Krasimir Angelov, submitted an application to the Council of Ministers for dismissal from the post, announced the press center of the state administration. Angelov considers this a moral act, since he was not appointed by the current cabinet. He thanked all the employees of the regional administration-Haskovo for the joint activity and the initiated initiatives to improve the work of the administration and facilitate the service to the citizens.

I hope that a person who is not guided by narrow political interests, but will be guided by the observance of the laws and the equal status of private and public entities, will be appointed to the post of regional governor of Haskovo region,” said Angelov, quoted by the press center.

He was appointed to the position on the fifth of April this year. Angelov has a master’s degree from the University of National and World Economy, has experience in the field of construction supervision and project management. He is Chairman of the Balkan-Indian Business Association.

The regional governor of the Sofia region, Radoslav Stoychev, has resigned as of today, June 12, he told BTA.

My actions have been exhausted by terminating the powers of the caretaker governmentwith Prime Minister Galab Donev, as I was appointed by him to go through one election cycle“, Stoychev pointed out. He said that a regular government was elected on June 6, which is taking up its commitments.

Radoslav Stoychev was appointed by the caretaker cabinet on August 4, 2022. In the period May 2021 – January 2022, he held the same position. Before that, he was a national representative in the 43rd and 44th National Assembly. In 2011 – 2014, he was the deputy mayor of Samokov municipality.

The Varna regional governor resigned “due to a lack of trust in the new government

The Varna regional governor, Mario Smerkov, resigned due to “a loss of confidence on the part of the current government“. The reason for the announced resignation was the protest scheduled for later today by “We Continue the Change” against his decision to transfer to Varna Mayor Ivan Portnih the responsibility for not allowing the movement of cars along the coastal promenade in the city.

It is difficult for a person to stand for a position, even if it is legal and correct in the long term, when it is opposed by a well-organized group of people who spread subjective data and no one asks the question why they are doing it“, Smirkov said at a specially convened briefing . “Everyone chooses what to believe and obviously those who master the skills of manipulating public opinion know how to use people’s fears and their hopes“.

Smirkov then quoted one of the founding fathers of the American nation, Abraham Lincoln, saying: “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time

The Varna regional governor asked why today’s protest is scheduled in front of the Regional Administration building, and not, say, at the entrance to the Sea Garden, or next to the Dolphinarium, across the Zoo, in front of the Horizont restaurant, in front of the restaurants on Buna Trakata or under Asparuhov Bridge? Mario Smerkov’s question was an indirect reference to what he said about a week ago, when he announced data from an inspection of the state of state property on the territory of the Municipality of Varna.

Then he released data on properties, public state property, which for years, with the tacit consent of the local municipal and regional administrations, were illegally exploited for private interest.

None of those who published posts on social networks against my decisions came down to the Trakata beach to see the restaurant tables located on the rocks or the hookahs in the sand on the beach“, said Smerkov. “There, the change in the ecosystem is visible. Garage cages have been built on the coastal facility. Electricity and water were connected. In return, a representative of a political formation I respect published (on Facebook) an opinion that the illegal buildings had been there for 10 years“, the regional governor of the Varna region also said. “10 years ago there was only an establishment! I appeal to everyone to go and see on the spot what I am talking about and then answer the question whose interests are being defended in maintaining this status quo“.

Afterwards, Mario Smerkov said that during the inspections, his officials asked restaurant owners on Buna Trakata for permits to place movable terraces on properties that are public state property. After such documents were not presented, the manager of one of the establishments told the inspectors: “The boss has an understanding with Stoyan Pasev“(former regional governor appointed by GERB).

Source: Novinite