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European Prosecutor’s Office Commends Bulgaria’s Anti-Corruption Drive

European Prosecutor General Laura Koveci expressed satisfaction with the performance of the Bulgarian office of the European Prosecutor’s Office, hailing it as a commendable example. Following discussions with Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov and Deputy Prime Minister Mariya Gabriel during a visit to Bulgaria, Kovesi highlighted the country’s standards in the fight against corruption.

Comparing Bulgaria’s office to counterparts in other nations, Kovesi remarked on the establishment of strong standards. Prime Minister Denkov emphasized the global significance of combating corruption, noting that it transcends safeguarding public funds—it’s a critical battle for democracy.

The discussions took place as part of the “Anti-corruption, democratic stability and economic security” forum in the capital. Denkov underscored the evolving dimensions and global importance of the fight against corruption. The meeting identified measures through which the government can support the work of the European Prosecutor’s Office in Bulgaria.

Source : Novinite