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Bulgaria will Try to Introduce the Euro on January 1, 2025

The government adopted an update of the National Plan for the introduction of the euro in Bulgaria.

The changes in the Plan were developed and approved by the Coordination Council for the preparation of Bulgaria for membership in the Eurozone, which is co-chaired by the Minister of Finance and the Governor of the Bulgarian National Bank.

The updating of the document is carried out in order to adapt to the “newly emerging circumstances and the progress of the technical preparation for the introduction of the euro” in Bulgaria.

Part of the changes are related to the adjustment of the necessary time periods in relation to the new indicative date for membership in the Eurozone – January 1, 2025.

In addition, the current version of the Plan meets the emerging requirements for updating the manuals and functions of the working groups of the Coordination Council for the Preparation of Bulgaria” – the press center of the Ministry of Defense specifies.

The national plan for the introduction of the euro in Bulgaria serves to manage the organization of the introduction of the euro, as it describes the main directions and activities that should be undertaken, as well as the interactions between the institutions within the framework of this process.

As an appendix to the Plan, “Methodological instructions to the administrative bodies for adapting the information systems to work with the euro” are included, through which the aim is to guarantee the exact and uniform application of the requirements for the introduction of the euro by the administrative bodies when bringing their information systems to work with euros.

The national plan for the introduction of the euro envisages the implementation of a large-scale communication and information campaign that will familiarize citizens “with all practical aspects of the introduction of the euro as an official means of payment by providing accurate, accessible and timely information“. The campaign aims to clearly justify the benefits for the economy and to increase the standard of living in the country from joining the Eurozone, as well as to counteract any misinformation that causes unfounded worries among citizens.

Source : Novinite