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Thousands turn out in Bulgaria for demo in solidarity with Ukraine, against Radev

There was a turnout of several thousand people for demonstrations in Bulgaria marking the first anniversary of Russia’s February 2022 invasion of Ukraine, and condemning the stance on the war taken by head of state President Roumen Radev.

Those who back European Union and Nato policies on helping Ukraine in the face of the Putin regime’s attack on that country have been outraged by Radev’s opposition to supplying weaponry to Ukraine and his talk of “a diplomatic solution for peace” which his critics deride as mealy-mouthed capitulation to the Kremlin, whose forces stand accused of violating international law and committing multiple war crimes.

Radev has disproportionate influence currently, because Bulgaria remains without an elected government and a sitting legislature pending the outcome of the latest early parliamentary elections, scheduled for April 2. It is a caretaker government appointed by Radev that has stewardship of the country.

In Sofia, the procession in solidarity with Ukraine and against Radev began outside the Presidency, with a minute of silence for victims of Russia’s war on Ukraine, and where there were chants, after speakers slammed Radev, of “impeachment!”

Along its way, the procession passed the Russian church in Bulgaria’s capital city, where participants shouted: “This is not Moscow!”

The demonstration, in which many Ukrainians in Bulgaria participated and which also featured chants of “Victory for Ukraine” and “Bulgaria is with Ukraine” culminated at Orlov Most (Eagle Bridge).

The banner says: ‘Bulgaria is with Ukraine and Europe’.
The sign says: ‘Radev is a disgrace’.

At Orlov Most, Manol Peykov, the Plovdiv-based Bulgarian publisher whose fundraising initiatives have included raising 1.65 million leva for generators for Ukraine, addressed the gathering.

“People donate and are honest. Honesty is a key distinguishing feature of those supporting Ukraine in this war,” Peykov told the crowd.

In parallel with the demo in Sofia, there were similar events in several parts of Bulgaria, including the cities of Plovdiv, Bourgas, Rousse and Veliko Turnovo.

Earlier in the day, a large number of ambassadors accredited in Sofia gathered to express their support for Ukaine:

Photo: Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Source : Sofia Globe