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Medvedev: Russia should expand its Borders at least to Poland

Russia should extend its borders at least to Poland.

This was announced by former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on Telegram. The reason – after the Russians win, the Ukrainians “will again cause a world conflict“.

One year has passed since the special operation. One year since our servicemen restored order, peace and justice on our land, protected our people and destroyed the roots of neo-Nazism. They are heroes.”

Medvedev is confident of Russia’s victory.

We all want this to happen as soon as possible. And that day will come. We will take back our territories and protect our people who suffered during the years of genocide and shelling.”

He predicted what would happen after the Russian triumph.

Then there will be negotiations, which, I’m sure, will be complicated and nerve-wracking. First of all, because the formal participants in the negotiations on the side of our opponent are one, and the real leaders are completely different. And the decisions about the regime in Kyiv, of course , will not be made by someone like Zelensky, if he is still alive, or his clique. The decisions will be made across the Ocean, by those in whose hands are the supplies of arms to Kyiv and the provision of money to maintain the remains of the Ukrainian economy.”

According to Medvedev, the motives of the enemies are obvious: “to weaken Russia as much as possible, to bleed us for a long time.”

Therefore, they are not interested in ending the conflict. But sooner or later, according to the laws of history, they will do it. And then there will be an agreement.”

But even after the war, hard times will come.

Exhausting months and years of confrontation, hysteria and rudeness on the part of those who will rule the rest of Ukraine. Their fate is unenviable. The nationalists will continue to control the ruling camarilla because none of them have any ideology other than Bandera’s neo-Nazism. The recognition of defeat to them is like death.”

Therefore, according to Medvedev, there will be a new war.

At some point, new guys, backed up against the wall by the unleashed Bandera, calling themselves the legal Ukrainian power, will once again provoke a world conflict. It doesn’t matter – on the eve of the elections or just on the next Maidan. This cannot be allowed. That’s why it is so important to achieve all the objectives of a special military operation. Expand the borders of our country as far as possible, even to the borders of Poland. Destroy neo-Nazism to the core. So as not to waste time later on capturing the remnants of Bandera’s gangs through the forests of Little Russia. For the world to find the long-awaited peace.”

Source : Novinite.com