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Bulgaria: Project for forum areas in central Plovdiv presented

The plans drafted by the team of architects, engineers and archaeologists that won the public contract for a design for the Forum-South and Forum-East areas of central Plovdiv, adjoining the Central Post Office, were presented to the public and media on February 22.

The project, which follows on earlier revamps of other parts of the Forum area, involves raising several columns and colonnades.

At the end south of the Post Office – which itself is out of scope of the project – several columns with preserved capitals and elements from the architrave of the ancient dwelling uncovered south of the Forum will be restored.

A staircase will be built, from the level of the current Central Square to the ancient street, and there will be seating on the side of the stairs.

In the corner of the Agora, two columns will be restored – from the second and fourth stages of construction of the ancient market complex, Doric in sandstone and Corinthian in marble, respectively.

They are from the colonnade, which was also restored in the already completed Forum-West and Forum-East. It will be near the Post Office, and the two columns will be at different levels in height, corresponding to the authentic archaeological level.

The ancient streets that exist at the moment, uncovered in earlier archaeological work, will be cleaned and treated with special anti-vegetation materials, but will not be rebuilt, but left in their authentic form.

New pedestrian areas are being formed on the inside of the forum, with openwork metal walkways going over the shops in several places. The idea is to integrate the archaeological park as much as possible into the everyday life of the public, the design team said.

The site will have numerous signposts with information about the Agora. In two places, powerful floodlights will be placed, enabling 3D-mapping of the facade of the Post Office.

Modern elements to be added include a guard booth and a public toilet on the pedestrian part of the Gladstone underpass.

The project is ready for implementation but requires funding to be allocated.

According to Plovdiv news website Podtepeto.com, about 11 million leva is needed to carry out the project. Pod Tepeto noted that the project had been positively received.

Work on the project may begin as soon as the funding is allocated, given that the project has all the necessary approvals, including from the National Institute for Immovable Cultural Heritage.

(Photos: Plovdiv municipality)

Source : The Sofia Globe