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Euro Truck Simulator 2’s West Balkans DLC set to introduce free new city

SCS Software has offered further teasers regarding Euro Truck Simulator 2’s forthcoming West Balkans DLC pack including a detailed look at its natural beauty, and a slightly more unusual addition…

As has been revealed already, Euro Truck Simulator 2’s (ETS2) next update is set to include reworks for Germany and Switzerland, with the West Balkans map expansion – announced in June 2022 – expected to arrive at the same time.

ETS2 players can look forward to travelling along the region’s mountainous highways with flat agricultural plains located further inland. The West Balkans also features several areas of natural beauty, including the Fruska Gora, Galichica, Durmitor, Bjeshkët e Nemuna, Drina and Theth National Parks, so ETS2 players can look forward to some scenic sightseeing on their travels.

The River Danube flows through the West Balkans too, allowing SCS to develop new industrial locations such as a marine logistics terminal and river ports for its long-running truck sim. Special Bauxite rock terminals are also set to be included in ETS2 for the first time, the West Balkans region being rich in the aluminium-laden sedimentary rock.


Now, onto the surprising content arriving in the next ETS2 update, content designed to complement the West Balkans DLC. The city of Trieste.

Yes, Trieste. The Italian city is set to be a key part of the West Balkans DLC as SCS Software explain it will be an intrinsic link between mainland Italy and Slovenia – the gateway to the West Balkans.

Trieste’s deep water port and advantageous location make it one of the busiest transport hubs in Europe, allowing ETS2 players to frequently take in the city’s medieval architecture and layout.

Trieste will be added to ETS2 as part of the base game in its next update, providing the launch pad for the new DLC pack. Release dates for the West Balkans DLC and ETS2’s v1.47 update are yet to be announced.

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