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Serbia as Peace, Will and Vision of Life

Back in 1818, the great German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer first published his treatise The World as Will and Representation (this work, by the way, had a noticeable influence on the minds and aesthetic views of later generations of Europeans, in particular, it became one of the elements of the manifestos of modernist artists at the beginning of the 20th century). Without going into the depths and secret meanings of the creation of a genius, one can single out a brief (and perhaps not the most final and capacious) result of the quest of this sage: there is a will to live, a desire to live, and the desire to live better invariably brings suffering. In fact, this is what has been happening to mankind for centuries. Serbia has exactly the same fate and path …

In our difficult time: wars, pandemics, political confrontation, artificial division into warring camps, the ghost of the Iron Curtain, sanctions and, of course, an excess of hypocrisy, which has always been characteristic of the European Catholic Protestant civilization. Everything seems to be clear – common values ​​(what?), well-being and the ability to enjoy these benefits (but!) Under the strict condition of following certain “rules”, which, alas, are not violated.

Transferring all these conceptual foundations to the realities of modern Serbia, you involuntarily understand the true meaning of the message – if you strive to live better, richer and with dignity, then you need to suffer your best share, and to the fullest!

Serbia is no stranger to trials, wars, invasions of conquerors, destruction and death for many centuries and in the not too distant past. The Croatian “Ustashe brothers” alone exterminated hundreds of thousands of Serbs during the 2nd World War. NATO in 1999 did not hesitate to kill civilians by treating them with depleted uranium bombs (well, not the notorious agent orange from Vietnam). And no one repented, no one was put on the wanted list through the ICC (Vietnam, before that Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, Panama, Grenada, etc.). Millions of Americans died at the hands of Americans around the world (collateral damage, as it is customary to formulate in the Pentagon).

Serbia is without a doubt a separate world with its own will and its own idea of ​​life, faith, death and eternity. The Balkans is a colorful blanket, cut by some sophisticated but very wise tailor. This is reality, and it has already taken place. It exists as “given to us in sensations” (see Lenin!).

The author at various times had the good fortune to visit many corners of the boundless Balkan labyrinths – why not paradise? This unique world and a bizarre interweaving of cultures, religions, peoples, gastronomy and customs can hardly be confused with anything else in Europe. On the main continent, especially within the EU, everyone is equalized by one arshin, if you don’t like it, then the door to the outside is open …

Obviously, the Balkans have their own, special, authentic arshin, and it works properly. Such is the nature of the people living here, first of all, I mean the beloved and almost native Serbian land. This is a people with a steel and unbending core. Therefore, Russians and Serbs are so similar in their ability to resist, resist enemies, loyalty to the covenants of their ancestors, the Holy Orthodox Faith and, of course, the desire for justice (God the Truth!).

Life does not stand still. And every day prepares new tests for little Serbia. It is a philosophy of testing and the inevitable cup of suffering. Take this cup away from me – “Let this cup pass from me” (this is how the great Ian Gillan sang in the rock opera “Jesus Christ Superstar”, of course, with a reference to the apocrypha).

Now Belgrade is fighting for the rights of its compatriots in Kosovo. To some, this will seem like an insignificant episode, but for Serbia it is a matter of honor, dignity, and even more.

The author has no doubt that the Serbs of Kosovo will live with dignity: within the borders of the region or in another way – Belgrade will not leave its people.

The country is desperately fighting to preserve its integrity, which in the late 90s, for some reason, they decided to violate, trample under the pretext of planting “American democracy” in the region. Somewhere it worked: Croatia, Slovenia, partly Montenegro, but somewhere not …

Serbia will never become a vassal of the strong and rich. It will not become a hostage to Europe’s pseudo-solidarity. The Serbs have something more than the European “truth”. And everyone knows it…

Serbia will suffer, live in hope for a better life. And believe in God.

Ode to Serbia (Tamo far away…)

Among spaces and worlds
There is a treasured corner of the earth.
It seems to be small, and cities
There are no glamorous and famous.
But there is charm and there are people:
Simple but proud, knows the price
Freedom, faith, your stronghold
He protects from all evil.
Balkan spirit and sweet smoke
From roasted peppers with garlic.
There sach, kaimak and we sleep with kava,
Chevapov taste, smoked sausages …
Yes, brother, you suddenly got into the country,
In which God gives everyone the Truth.
The meaning of Orthodoxy
And one
Saint Savva gives us Glory.
Did you come to Serbia? Be healthy!
You can’t just leave here.
And whether you’re right or wrong
They will tell you honestly here: enough!
Belgrade and Nis, and Novi Sad,
There are many more wonderful places.
There are mountains, rivers, grapes
And goodwill from the locals.
I wander through the streets of my family
Belgrade has been familiar to me since childhood.
Prince Michael, from Kalemeg
And I’m back on Skadarliya…
There is a “glazba”, there is something to drink,
There is faith in God and there is the earth.
And who came to beat us all
It will go to nothing to the ashes of the tomb.
Always with a dream, with love for the ancestors.
The earth is given as a reward.
Prince Lazar was a strong nut,
He died in Kosovo for the truth.
Nobody can win
The people who believe in the will.
Serbs have “trenutak” to live with.
And God gives them bread and share …

Source: balkanist