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Defense Minister: Bulgarian soldiers are not in Ukraine

Defense Minister: Bulgarian soldiers are not in Ukraine

“No Bulgarian servicemen were sent to Ukraine”. This was announced before the National Assembly by the Acting Minister of Defense Dimitar Stoyanov. This is how he answered a question from Kiril Petkov from “We Continue the Change”.

“The National Assembly authorizes the sending of armed forces outside the territory of the country when it comes to war. In Ukraine, a classic war is being waged, and only you – the people’s representatives, with your decision, can send armed forces outside the country. So far, the Ministry of Defense has not ruled such a proposal and soldiers are not sent to Ukraine”, explained Stoyanov.

According to him, 50 military personnel were sent to countries on the territory of the European Union as part of NATO training. In Poland, they participated in training to work with the T72 Tank. The training ended in mid-March and there are currently no soldiers on the territory of that state.

“Vazrazhdane” asked a question whether it is possible to mobilize the young people who have not served in the barracks when needed.

“Only those who have the necessary training are subject to mobilization, we have submitted a new proposal to increase the mobilization reserve, but I cannot boast of significant success in this regard,” explained the Minister of Defense.

Source: Novinite