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37 arrested by Europol in Balkans

37 arrested by Europol in Balkans

Europol announced that “an extremely violent criminal gang from the Western Balkans” was broken up after a major police operation in seven countries.

The leader of the group is said to be a Bosnian who is currently serving a four-year prison sentence in Italy. According to Europol, he continued to run arms and drug traffic from his prison cell.

On May 24, a police action was carried out in Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, the Netherlands, Italy, Belgium and Germany. The operation was coordinated by the operational center of the Croatian police in Zagreb.

Among other things, 148 thousand euros, 18 firearms, 500 grams of tritol, 15 kg of cocaine, 11 kg of heroin, 3 kg of amphetamine, 7 kg of marijuana and 10 kg of hash were seized, while 37 people were arrested.

Source: Albanian Daily News