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Foreigner Arrivals to Bulgaria Up 23% Y/y in June

The number of foreign visitors to Bulgaria rose by 23% year-on-year in June, reaching 1.39 million, of whom 49% were citizens of the European Union, the statistical office said on Thursday.

EU citizens that arrived to Bulgaria in June totalled 682,000, the National Statistical Institute (NSI) said in a monthly report.

At the same time, other European countries accounted for 546,700 foreign visits, or just over 39% of the total figure for the review month.

Romania was the provenance of the largest monthly number of visitors in June, or 215,500, followed by Turkey with 208,800, Ukraine with 166,800 and Germany with 114,100. Greece, Poland and Serbia were also top feeder markets for foreign visitors last month.

In terms of visit purposes, holidays and business trips accounted for 50.8% and 8.9% of all international visitors’ arrivals, respectively, with increases registered across the board in all observed categories of visits.

Transit trips through Bulgaria represented 30.9% of all visits by foreign nationals to the country in June, NSI also said.

Source : Seenews