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Bulgaria’s Left-Wing Politicians Oppose Decision to Remove Red Army Monument

Pro-Russian left-wing politicians in Bulgaria opposed a decision to remove a monument dedicated to the Red Army during the era of the former Soviet Union (USSR).

The 45-meter (148-foot) monument in the center of the capital, Sofia, was built for propaganda purposes by the former communist regime in 1954.

Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP), the populist pro-Russian Rebirth Party, President Rumen Radev, who supports Russia in the war against Ukraine and other left-wing forces provoked reactions for accelerated attempts by the municipality to move the monument to the Museum of Socialist Art.

Meanwhile, activists set up tents in front of the monument as part of the protest led by Maya Manolova, the leader of the “Leftist” formation, which could not be represented in parliament.

Manolova said the group will keep a nonstop vigil in the region.

“Politicians who have no arguments for a solution to the real problems of today have waged such a pathetic war. Those who cannot see the future are trying to fight the past,” said Manolova.

She said the pro-NATO and pro-European Union ruling powers in parliament declared war on Bulgaria’s history.

President Rumen Radev said: “Each monument is a witness of its own time. I am against the removal of monuments.”

Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov’s coalition government also acknowledges that the Red Army besieged Bulgaria in 1944, causing the Bulgarian Communist Party (BKP) to come to power in a coup and maintain rule until 1989.

Source : AA