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Bulgaria Will Receive in Its Hospitals Some of the Injured From the Gas Station Explosions in Romania

Admission to Bulgarian hospitals is being organized for some of the victims of the gas station explosions near the Romanian town of Crevedia, the Ministry of Health announced.

The number of people injured in two explosions at an unlicensed liquefied petroleum gas filling station north of Bucharest rose to 57. Two people died.

Most of the injured were firefighters who rushed to the station to put out the fire from the first explosion before the second one erupted.

Among the wounded, 8 of whom have severe burns, there are 39 firefighters, two policemen and two gendarmes.

About 25 fire trucks arrived at the scene of the accident in the municipality of Crevedia, and people within a radius of 700 meters were evacuated.

We express our support and sympathy for the victims. According to the data of our consulate, no Bulgarians have been injured. The disaster notification system is activated – Bulgaria has organized logistics for the accommodation of some of the victims. The bed base has been reorganized, highly qualified specialists and the necessary equipment have been provided. The teams of the centers for emergency medical assistance have been formed. Initially, the request was for 8 people. They have been increased to 17,” said Health Minister Prof. Hristo Hinkov.

7 of them can be hospitalized in the Military Medical Academy in Varna, 6 in “Pirogov”, two each in hospitals in Plovdiv and Ruse.

They are in a serious condition with more than 50% burns. They will be transported after they are stabilized. They will be transported by helicopters from the Romanian side,” the health minister added.

A terrible picture. Many people are very badly affected. A virtual headquarters was set up overnight. Over 22 firefighters were badly burned. The system’s capabilities were assessed. We provided 17 resuscitation beds in the burn clinics. Germany provided 3 beds. We have done the maximum. Interaction between the authorities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is expected – to organize a police escort to move the injured. There is an organization of airport operators to meet the helicopters. According to the colleagues from ‘Pirogov’ it is necessary to fly at a low altitude. We are waiting for a signal from them when will they leave and in what volume of people“, added Dr. Boyko Penkov, Deputy Minister of Health.

The airport in Ruse is under renovation, but despite everything, an organization has been created for landing a helicopter.

One of the most serious injuries is that of a burn. The mortality rate is very high with over 50% burns. But everything depends on each case. The situation is very serious,” said Health Minister Prof. Hristo Hinkov.

Source : Novinite