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Visiting a Bank Office in Bulgaria is Getting More and More Expensive

Hardly anyone will be surprised that a number of bank charges will be raised again. Some of them have already been a fact for several days, for others it is coming from the beginning of September, and for others – in October. Physical contact with bank employees related to cash operations is expected to become more and more expensive. This shows a check in the rates of the banks of the publication pariteni.

In recent years, banks’ fees in Bulgaria have been constantly growing in type and amount, and their income from them, respectively. With the adoption of the budget for this year, it was decided that from September 2023, natural persons will be able to open a payment account for basic operations, and this account will be serviced free of charge when funds from labor remunerations, pensions, benefits and allowances for social insurance and social assistance, scholarships for pupils, students and doctoral students. The banks have not yet announced the exact conditions under which these accounts will function.

Since September, DSK Bank has raised the fees for company accounts. The cost of servicing a current account will increase from 15 leva to 20 leva. This also applies to sole trader farmers.

The account statement goes from 30 leva to 36 leva, and if it is over 10 pages, 3.60 leva per page

Withdrawing money at the cash desk has a commission of 0.85%, but not less than 10 leva. If no request is made, the fee is increased to 1%. When depositing in cash, there are also increased fees, the amount of which depends on whether the banknotes are described.

As of August 29, new fees have already been charged at Postbank. Withdrawals up to 2,000 leva cost 0.7% of the amount, but not less than 7 leva. A minimum of 15 leva and 0.8% on the withdrawn amount is the fee if there is no prior withdrawal request.

From 6 leva to 7 leva, the fee is also raised when withdrawing from the savings account up to 2,000 leva. Above this amount, the withdrawal becomes even more expensive.

For the end of October, Central Cooperative Bank has planned an increase in fees for citizens. For depositing amounts in euros to a checking or savings account, the bank will now charge a minimum of 1.50 euros, not 1 euro as before. For withdrawing money at the cash desk, the fee is a minimum of 6 leva, or 0.6% of the amount.

Since the middle of August in the same institution, some of the fees have been increased – cash withdrawals have been increased from 4 to 6 leva when withdrawing cash at a cash register, regardless of whether from any type of account, if the amount is up to 2 thousand leva – the bank takes a large amount if you do not declare in advance that you will withdraw the money.

Depositing money in cash is paid with at least 6 leva or 0.45% of the amount which was 0.3% before the increase.

“Municipal Bank” has already raised the fees for customers from August 10. For each transfer from a payment account for basic operations to accounts or deposits of other customers, the fee is 1.50 leva which is 90 cents now. For each cash deposit from a person who is not the account holder, the bank now takes 0.20% on the entire amount, but not less than 4 leva, while the fee was 0.10%, but a minimum of BGN 1.

For issuing an additional debit card, the fee is 6 leva, and for an express service for issuing, renewing or reissuing a card – 12 leva, compared to 10 leva before.

Customers now also pay 1 lev for unblocking their debit card if they have entered the wrong PIN three times, until now this service was free.

Source : Novinite