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Bulgarian Visa Procedures to Go Completely Digital by 2025, Minister Dinkova Says

Complete digitisation of Bulgarian visa application procedures is planned by 2025, the Minister of Tourism of Bulgaria, Zaritsa Dinkova, has said.

Her comments came during a meeting held with the Türkish Minister of Culture and Tourism, Mehmet Ersoy, in London and come as part of efforts to simplify visa procedures and shorten visa issuing times.

The Ministry of Tourism is part of an interdepartmental group established to achieve simplification of current procedures and shortening the deadlines for issuing tourist visas. A complete digitalisation is planned by 2025.Minister Dinkova

Tightening connections between both territories will bring benefits for citizens of both countries, according to Minister Ersoy.

Easing travel between the two countries will significantly increase the number of Turkish tourists.Ersoy

Opportunities for cooperation in the field of winter tourism have also been discussed. According to the Ministry of Tourism of Bulgaria, this can happen through the implementation of common project to attract travellers from neighbouring countries on Balkan, and at a later stage from more distant markets.

It is important to work together in the direction of improving transport connectivity between Bulgaria and Türkey through the more efficient use of the daily express train connection between Istanbul and Sofia, as well as regular flights on the Sofia-Istanbul line.Dinkova

In the meeting, were also discussed the practices of the two states in the field of vocational education and the opportunities for more young people to prefer the field of tourism for realisation.

Since Türkey is not part of Bulgaria’s visa exemption list, Türkey’s nationals are required to obtain a visa in order to travel to Bulgaria.

Nationals of several countries worldwide are eligible to travel to Bulgaria visa-free for short-term stays, including those from Schengen Zone countries, the United States and Canada; however, not those from.

Nationals from countries that are not part of the visa-exempt list are subject to additional requirements when planning to reach this territory, such as visas; however, children under the age of six, including those from countries subject to visas, are exempted from holding a visa when reaching this Balkan country.

Bulgaria is not part of the EU’s visa-free travel zone of Schengen. However, it is part of the European Union. Therefore, all EU member countries, together with Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein and Switzerland, are also excluded from Bulgaria’s long-term visas for a period of 90 days as well as Bulgaria’s work permit requirements due to the European Union Right of Free Movement.

Source : Schengenvisainfo