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Investing in a Cleaner Environment: New Waste Installation in Bulgaria

The municipalities of Burgas, Nessebar, and Pomorie are the largest waste producers in the Burgas region. In response to this pressing environmental challenge, the EU co-funded project introduced a new approach to waste management. The project includes an anaerobic installation with a capacity of 30,652 tons per year. This state-of-the-art facility consists of 8 bioreactors, a biogas system, gas storage and other equipment. The chosen method for the anaerobic installation is dry methanation. In addition, a composting installation has been established featuring 6 tunnels for composting. This facility is equipped with systems to efficiently manage the fermentation process. To maximize energy efficiency, the project incorporates a cogeneration system that simultaneously generates electricity and useful heat from the biogas produced during waste treatment. The project also includes essential infrastructure to support the waste management facilities, including roads, supply, sewage pipes. A common system for separately collected biodegradable waste has been established, which includes the deployment of 10 waste collection trucks and 2 front-end loaders, along with a network of 11,315 strategically placed containers spanning the municipalities of Burgas, Nessebar, and Pomorie.

This project not only addresses the immediate challenges posed by biodegradable waste but also exemplifies a commitment to sustainable, forward-thinking waste management practices. By prioritizing an integrated approach and implementing cutting-edge technologies, the municipalities involved are setting a precedent for environmental stewardship and responsible resource utilization. The initiative’s impact extends beyond waste reduction, with the creation of jobs and the promotion of a cleaner, healthier environment. The project aligns with EU sustainability goals, showcasing a dedication to a greener future.

Source : Ec. Europe