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Revolutionizing Port Operations in Bulgaria With Cohesion Policy

In a significant leap toward modernizing port operations and improving the efficiency of cargo management, the Port Community System is set to transform the way information is exchanged within port communities. This electronic platform links various systems operated by a multitude of organizations, creating a seamless network for sharing critical data and facilitating various services.

The PCS offers a wide range of services, including the swift and efficient exchange of information, electronic processing of customs declarations, and comprehensive data on the import and export of cargo. Its implementation aims to streamline port operations, promote information exchange, and ensure the highest levels of data quality and integrity.

The project spanned 44 months and comprised seven interlinked activities, each playing a crucial role in the development and implementation of the PCS.

The benefits of this initiative extend far beyond the boundaries of the ports themselves. By optimizing the flow of information and cargo, the PCS project will contribute to a more competitive and attractive environment for trade. It will reduce costs for businesses, facilitate trade, and position Bulgaria as a reliable and efficient partner on the global maritime stage.

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