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Kosovo and Metohija: Salaries paid into the account, dinars still missing

The Republic of Serbia paid their salaries, but in Poštanska štedionica, due to the decision of the Central Bank of Pristina, there were no dinars.

Sladjana Milenković, one of those gathered in front of the Savings Bank, said that she was outraged by the decision of the Pristina authorities, which greatly complicates everyday life.

“It makes life difficult for us, we can’t raise our salaries. Not everyone can go to central Serbia for their salary. There are elderly and sick people. I once managed to withdraw 10,000 dinars at the counter here, but even that is limited,” Sladjana Milenkovic said.

Aleksa Radosavljević, an employee of the PUC “Vodovod – Ibar”, assessed the current situation as very difficult and unenviable, given that he cannot raise the paid personal income due to the lack of dinars.

“Very difficult situation. I am an employee of PUK Vodovod – Ibar. We work 24 hours a day, we are at the service of citizens of all nationalities. Our income has been paid, but there is no money in the banks, people are forced to go to central Serbia, Raska, Novi Pazar, Kraljevo, to raise personal income. It’s a very difficult situation and at the crossing of the Jarinje there is a big line, waiting for two or three hours,” said Radosavljević.

At the counters of the Poštanska štedionica bank, only 10,000 dinars are paid out from the stock, which is not enough to survive the day, points out the employee of PUK “Standard” who was waiting in line to collect his earned salary.

“We have children, we have families, we can’t withdraw money at all, we can do something with 10,000 dinars, but it will be soon used up, we have to wait again tomorrow,” he said.

The so-called Central Bank of Kosovo issued a decree prohibiting the use of dinars in the province from February 1, and the authorities in Pristina had previously, without any explanation, prohibited the transport of dinars to the vault located in Leposavic on two occasions.

Source: b92