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Liberation of Crimea Will Be a Blow to Russian Imperialism – Czech Republic

Photo: @JanLipavsky

The Czech Republic and NATO must supply weapons to Ukraine until victory.

The liberation of Crimea from the invaders will be “a serious blow to Russian imperialism.” Czech Foreign Minister Jan Lipavsky said this in an interview with Voice of America .

“We need Ukraine to fully restore its territorial integrity and borders since 1991, including Crimea. Once Crimea is liberated, this will be a serious blow to Russian imperialism, which we need to get rid of. Because it threatens the security of Europe,” Lipavsky said.

Commenting on the imposition of sanctions by the Czech Republic, including against the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Kirill ( Vladimir Gundyaev ), the Foreign Minister said:

“This is a question of a secure Czech Republic, a secure Europe. After all, if you look at the map, we are in the center of Europe. Therefore, our security depends on the security of the whole of Europe. And in such a situation, we must clearly define what threatens us, and this is definitely Russia. Even then when Ukraine wins the war, the Russian threat will remain.”

After the liberation of Crimea from the invaders, a military administration will begin to operate, a transition to a military-civil one. Then elections should be held, Tamila Tasheva, permanent representative of the President of Ukraine in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea , said .

Russians who illegally entered Crimea after the occupation will be expelled from Ukraine.

Source: gazeta