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Bulgarian MPs Visit Israel

A group of members of the Bulgarian Parliament visited the State of Israel at the invitation of ELNET to see the reality of the atrocities done by the Hamas terrorists for themselves, Israel’s embassy said on X (twitter.com) on November 9.

ELNET is an organisation dedicated to strengthening relations between Europe and Israel.

The MPs are from three of the six groups in Bulgaria’s Parliament: Ekaterina Zaharieva and Georg Georgiev of GERB-UDF, Yavor Bozhanov of We Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria and Valentin Tonchev of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms.

Also on the visit were MPs from seven other European countries.

The Israeli embassy said that during their visit, the Bulgarian representatives visited some of the hardest-hit areas from the unprecedented attack, such as Kfar Aza, Sderot, as well as the Shura military base, where the bodies of thousands killed by Hamas are stored in refrigerated rooms, while medical teams work to identify human remains, limbs, and organs coming from the southern kibbutzim.

The Bulgarian MPs also met and spoke with families and relatives of Israelis abducted in Gaza.

“We thank Ekaterina Zaharieva, Georg Georgiev, Valentin Tonchev, and Yavor Bozhankov for their strong support expressed towards the people of Israel in this difficult moment for the country,” the embassy said.

Source : Sofiaglobe